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The Story Behind the Oddly Signed Drew Petrie Case Card

Every now and again, a card peaks my interest for what might be a variety of reasons. One of these cards was the Drew Petrie signed case card, which was released in 2016 by Select.

Drew Petrie is a former North Melbourne and West Coast Eagles player, who played 332 games and kicked 444 goals in his career. He is one of the few players who have reached the 300-game milestone, and he was honoured with a special case card that features his signature.

The signed case card is very rare, as only 50 of them were produced. Drew Petrie was a very good player who led the North Melbourne forward line after the reign of Wayne Carey, a popular player amongst fans, particularly after his ‘Frank the Tank’ impersonation after kicking a goal.

It is however the manner in which he signed the cards which caught my attention.

You can see clearly that a space was left for the players to sign, over a faced out image.  The Dustin Fletcher example pictured shows how the cards were meant to be signed.Drew however, had other plans.  Upon seeing the card, he automatically signed over the wording on the bottom of the card as he didn’t think it would be good to sign over his face.I personally confirmed this with Drew when I had a chance meeting with him a few years later.


It is stories like this behind cards that make our hobby great.  I am sure there are many more and would love for you to drop us a line or leave a comment about ones you have come across so we may be able to feature them in a future blog.


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